screenshot_2017-01-24-10-03-40-1I have been so hesitant to write. I had no clue where to start and I had no clue if anyone would read. Tonight, I decided why not!? I figured I would began by chatting about what is going on in my world.

The husband and I watched a Netflix Documentary on becoming a minimalist.   “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things” You must watch it!  I had the fire burning a while back when we decided to remodel our upstairs and all I was surrounded by on both stories were things. Things that did not bring me joy and things I moved 100 times a day. I felt as if I were drowning in toys and clothing items. My house felt to me, like I was in a small box, suffocating. Did I mention I stay at home? Every hour of my life I am with two {awesome} children surrounded by things. SO  I began going through items that were out dated, did not work, would not fit, etc. and I set them in our sunroom….the catch all room. {Do you have one of those? It is like the chair that gets all the clothes that you have not folded, or you aren’t sure if it needs to be washed.} Any how, so there it all is taking up space in that room. Then there is that silly idea in your head you can make money off of 10 year old clothes. So This week I have finally decided to suck it up and what has not sold I am donating, I am so over CLUTTER!

A dear friend of mine added me to a minimalist group on FB. Everyone is purging daily. It is like others that want to be like me! They have trash accumulating in their homes that they need to purge and they are doing it! They hold one another accountable if they did not post their purge on day {21.}  I needed that. It has helped tremendously! Just this weekend I redid my entire Pantry and cleaned my laundry room. I will upload photos soon! Be ware of the before photo. I must have thrown out 3 bags of trash. It is truly refreshing and weight lifting. I suggest you give it a try. Start small, 15 minutes a day. Clean out a kitchen drawer….you know the junk drawer? the drawer my husband loves! I cleaned it. It is gone….  🙂



2 thoughts on “Minimalism

  1. I want to do this too!! I said the same thing to Alan.. I feel like I’m suffocating in junk!! It’s no easy task when there’s 2 kids and one is a 4 year old materialistic junkie. Keep it up! I’ll read it! 🙂


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