Dresser Revamp

We have been upstairs a little over a month. I love that it feels like a fresh start in our new room! We left all of  our old furniture downstairs and we are now using the furniture from what was our  guest room. We had an old sturdy dresser that I was dying to glam up!

I started by (of course) looking on Pinterest at all of the wonderful ideas! I found one that I loved. I was skeptical that I could pull off the look, but I went with it. I found the colors that I wanted at The Home Depot (my favorite home improvement store.)  A friend of mine had just used Lap Pool Blue and I loved it! The white paint was just a flat coat of BEHR “Paint & primer in one”  love that stuff.

I had a gold mirror I wanted to hang above  my dresser and two lamps with gold and ivory tones. I went to Hobby Lobby (my favorite store of all time) and found the perfect knobs  (and a basket full of other stuff that I did not need.) The knobs are ceramic and accented with gold and blue decoration.

So I was ready! I took all of the pulls and knobs off and cleaned the dresser, then I painted! I am still swooning over how well it came out!




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