Valentines State to State

So, I am on this buy group that has totally affordable and cute clothing for my daughter. I finally purchased my very first outfit and I am patiently waiting. If you know me, I am frugal with my money and do not like to buy clothes! I am really hoping I love the outfit as much as all the other folks…

At any rate, I was browsing the group and saw the cutest idea! Women were taking hand written photos for one another, reading “ (partners name) Love for you is so big, it has reached (state they live.)” Basically the point was to get a photo from someone in all 50 states! I took my little nugget and went to the beach and took a few photos for some ladies. I asked for a few photos and only got a couple back in return. You know how it is, like any other time in life people don’t always do what they agree to! A couple of people were down right rude to one another and some sassy ladies like to chime in here and there. As for me it was just for fun so I only asked for a couple of states. The cars which are in Amarillo, Texas was one I was pretty stoked about. I am pretty sure the girl who agreed to do photos has taken about 200+ so I keep checking my inbox for mine. Overall, I think it is a really awesome idea and some people have some really awesome scenery for photos!

If you have not seen this– check it out on FB! The group I joined is called Valentines state to state.