If it were me….

If it were me I would want to be told.

It is late. I pretty much have given up on this blog thing, but I got to thinking … And couldn’t stop. As I am scrolling through social media, as I so often do at night, enjoying my free time in the late depths of the night. I see so many sweet faces. So many adorable children in the vehicle with their parents, in their car seat buckled in -Completely wrong,  Half way, or not at all. I cringe. It seriously makes me have a small panic attack. The thought of that sweet baby getting into a wreck and being ejected from their seat all because they weren’t buckled in properly. Right, so maybe it won’t happen, maybe they would be fine, but maybe they wouldn’t. Sometimes I send a message and sometimes I just hide the person because after so many times I just don’t want to see it anymore.

You see these days everyone is offended by everything and anything. You can’t say something without sounding like a jerk and I am sure sharing the same carseat post and blogs over & over again get me those points too.   I hate to be “that mom” At the same time I would hate to be that friend that could have saved a child’s life. I’ve read so many countless articles about mothers who have lost their child for an error that could have so easily been corrected had they known, or had they taken the time to buckle them in properly. I’ve read so many that say “you saw my photo why didn’t you say something? I wish more people would speak up, I wish I didn’t always find it so hard to just say “hey mama that chest clip is too low or that strap is too loose.” If you do, you are parent shaming, right? It seems so weird to me how that is being rude, yet it is. Had my best friend not told me that I had my son buckled in wrong when he was a newborn I would never had known…. but she did and guess what I did? I pulled it up…that’s it. I just fixed it. For that, I am thankful.  For her telling me I was wrong, I am thankful.

Car seat safety isn’t something that is you can do it this way or that. There is a manual and it is proven to save lives. You may say hey, I am just going down the road but you never know what your future holds and you never think you will be the one to wreck. I remember growing up and not even having to ride in one I get that argument too, but things are so different these days and if taking the time to buckle my child in could prevent harm then it is well worth it to me!

Hopefully no one is offened by my attempt to help some mamas out and hopefully at least one person reads this and it helps them! I mean no harm! screenshot_2017-03-02-23-05-40-1